Mar 06

Important Announcement – ECLATT discontinuing resale of Google Apps for Business

Google Apps for business, also known as Google Apps for Work, is a fantastic product. It provides a fantastic array of options, and truly revolutionizes collaboration amongst groups. Google takes Privacy and Security seriously, and it shows in the Google Apps Admin model. So, when we learned that Google was offering Value Added Resellers, like us, an opportunity to resell Google Apps in such a way that would allow us to also Administer the most common aspects of Google Apps from our own central admin interface, we signed up in a hearbeat.

Way back in 2014

Since 2014, we have been able to provide Google Apps for business as a value added product for our customers. The idea was simple – we would provide bill customers, either on an annual or monthly basis, and, in exchange for a small markup, we would provide all the front line support for Google Apps questions. Mostly, this was about adding and removing accounts, changing passwords, and the transition to Google Apps.

Questions, Questions

Of course, as great as Google Docs and Google Hangouts are, there are still plenty of questions when any new technology is introduced, and we provided, and will continue to provide, on-site and remote consultation and training at our standard and customary rate. We get that. In the grand scheme of computers, Google Apps is still pretty new, and it does A LOT – so there’s lots to learn! There’s also a lot that can be done that requires a different skill set than most people want to learn. And that’s okay – we’re here for that, too!

Why not keep reselling?

All this, of course, brings us to the question of why we are discontinuing our resale of Google Apps for work. There are some behind the scenes reasons, changes in the agreement, and so on, but, ultimately, it’s mostly because Google Apps is SO inexpensive, it’s just not cost effective for us to provide the service as a middle man. Far better for each of you to directly lease from Google and cut out the middle man and just call us when you have more technical or training questions. So, while we still happily recommend Google Apps for business, we just won’t be call number 1 for password resets, new account creations and such. During March and April, as we transition, we’ll help set one of your employees up as a HelpDesk person or semi administrator (you already have a super-administrator) and they can handle all those tasks. They’re really quite easy.

So, to all of you we’ve helped with Google Apps, Thanks so much for allying with ECLATT. We’ll be in touch, soon!