You have a Technology List. It has lots of items on it. Which is the most important?

Your Router?


Maybe it’s your server, backups, or your website? Regulatory compliance, security or malware prevention?

How can you choose?

How much will it cost?

ECLAT Technologically helps take the stress off your choice by allowing you to plan ahead and know what your service time will cost up front, and how much time will be allocated to your project  :

Part Day : 3 Hours*, On Site : $275

Whole Day : 5 Hours*, On Site : $350

360 Club : 5 Hours*, On Site : $275

Emergency Response : **400

 A Whole Day Rate?

After years of Technology experience, founder Dan Yedinak has helped thousands of people, in dozens of different business and career areas and stages. In every case, Dan has seen how employees, customers, family, and countless other activities, foreseen and unforeseen, affect a consultation and/or service call. By charging a single, low rate for the day, ECLAT Tech solves the hourly problem so you can stop watching the clock, and start getting your problems solved, questions answered, and projects managed and completed.

360 Club

360 Club is for those who are prepared to truly commit to their Information Technology in a big way and are prepared to commit to at least 360 hours of service time annually. Your typical monthly expense will be about $1500, and your 5 hour rate will be the same as the standard 3 hour rate. Special offsite billing time is also available to 360 Club members. Please contact us to find out all the opportunities available with a 360 Club agreement.

*All on site service visits are charged for consultation and/or services in any one (1) calendar day, and includes travel time to and from a pre-determined single consultation address, travel time to and from any vendor locations necessary to complete the requested project, research and other time spent relative to the specific project or task. Rates are subject to change and applies only to services and  consultation time (materials, subcontractor fees, vendor costs, shipping, and other charges may apply). New customers will need to plan for a Whole Day rate for the first visit, and will later be able to qualify for a separate off-site rate for eligible projects. Rates are not available in all areas, or for all projects.  Contact Us today by calling 503-629-9214, or email ally@eclatt.com to schedule your consultation and confirm current rates and restrictions.

**Emergency Response – When we schedule time with a customer, we mean it, and that time is dedicated just to the customer we’re scheduled with. But, if you absolutely, positively, must have it handled right now regardless of whether we’re closed for the day, working with another customer, or out on vacation; then we do have an emergency response option. Stopping work with another customer is rather rude, though, so we ask you to use this sparingly, and we’ve priced this option accordingly. So, if you insist that you need an emergency response, then be prepared to pay a premium for it. That rate will always be twice the current standard whole day rate, regardless of whether we’re there for 10 minutes, or 5 hours, including travel time to your site.