Web Presence

Web Presence is a primary focus here at ECLAT Technologically. To succeed, businesses today must have a presence on the web. But, even with all the templates available to make a site very pretty, there are so many different things to consider. For example, a site built on Flash is nice to look at, but can it be seen by customers at work (who may not have flash), seen on mobile devices, or found in search engine results? Where should you spend your internet advertising dollars for greatest effect? What about Facebook, Google +1, and twitter? As rapidly as the internet evolves, keeping up with all the different opportunities can be overwhelming.

Fortunately, you have an ally on the internet, and that ally is ECLAT Technologically. In addition to our own new website, here are a few examples of some of the sites that we’ve worked on, and a little background about them :

Lake Mayfield Resort and Marina : http://lakemayfield.com

Lake Mayfield Resort and Marina - a project by Dan Yedinak at ECLAT Technologically Check out current project! Lake Mayfield Resort and Marina’s website was originally created by another developer, and hosted by a small, local hosting company. Sadly, this combination resulted a site that was subject to a virus attack that took down the site and redirected visitors to a site where their devices, too, could be infected. So, the owners of Lake Mayfield Resort and Marina turned to Dan Yedinak for help. Not only was all the site data recovered, but the site moved, secured, SEO’d, configured for backups and analytics, and completely revamped for both a more contemporary look and to be mobile device friendly.

ARROAutism : http://arroautism.org/

Autism Research and Resources of Oregon Ice logo created by Dan YedinakAutism Research and Resources of Oregon is a website maintained by Dan Yedinak (owner of ECLAT Technologically). When Dan first assumed the role of webmaster for ARRO, the site had sunk well into the bowels of a search engine result. Today, thanks to Dan Yedinak, the site now bounces between the first and second pages of a Google Search result. In addition, almost all of the original images, content, and promotion have been created and published by Dan Yedinak. Dan also does most of the Facebook and twitter updates for this Oregon Autism Non-Profit. Keep checking back for more about this special website, and how it relates to the core mission of ECLAT Technologically.

Nick Rinard Physical Thearpy : http://rinardpt/

MDT of Portland Web Site Optimized for Search by Dan YedinakThis overhauled version of the RinardPT site builds upon an earlier version of the MDT website that was maintained, and fully Search Engine Optimized (SEO’d) by Dan Yedinak, owner of ECLAT Technologically. The original site structure was created by Mason West, but it lacked critical SEO features. As as result, the site ranked on page 40 of a Google search result. Thanks to Dan Yedinak, the site usually ranks between the first (1st) and top of the second (2nd) pages of a Google search.

A Hope for Autism : http://devsites.eclat.tech/ahopeforautism/

A Hope for Autism Website created and Optimized by Dan YedinakThis website was created just two months before this Autism non-profit’s gala fundraising event in April 2010. The organization, and the site, were featured on several local news channels, and the end result was a successful $25,000 fundraiser, as well as first page ranking on a Google search ranking. We’re sorry that this organization has since struggled to survive, but we’d like to showcase the site and the results all the same.


Beveland Street Bistro and Coffee House : http://bevelandcoffee.com/

Beveland Street Bistro and Coffee House in Tigard - BusinessCardDan Yedinak created the Beveland Street Coffee House website in December of 2011. This local “just off main street” restaurant had made a great start, having already created a Facebook Page and a Twitter account. But their attention was where it needed to be fully – focused on their primary business (feeding a wide variety of area business people, retirees, students, groups and the like). So, Beveland Coffee needed an ally to manage their web presence, and drive more traffic into their store. So, Beveland Coffee turned to ECLAT Technologically, and this website was the next step. The site helped the owner to improve visibility of the shop enough to finally sell it to new owners (the new shop is called Well and Good).