About Your Technology Ally

Wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, your technology is there. Usually it is helping, but you’re always wondering, can it do more? Can it do better? Can it be safer – more secure? The answers are closer than you think, and ECLAT Tech is your Oregon and SW Washington Ally to finding the answers you need.


ECLAT Tech is more than just some black and white tech business; it’s more than just years of professional Information Technology experience : ECLAT Tech is community minded, advocating strongly for the Autism Community. When you choose ECLAT Tech, you choose more than just an ally to guide you on your path to Information Technology efficiency; you choose to support an advocate for the Community, with emphases on Autism, gender and socioeconomic equity.

ECLAT Tech and Autism

Company founder Dan Yedinak has been a staunch advocate for the Autism Community, helping to raise more than $270,000 for the Oregon Autism Community, including a Community Center, Annual Autism Events, Research, Awareness, a Family Holiday Assistance Project and more.

Let’s Talk Tech

Launched in October of 2011 as ECLAT Technologically was later simplified to ECLAT Tech. Simplifying your Technology experience is a primary goal here. When you choose ECLAT Tech, you choose an ally with the knowledge you need, the patience you need, and the communication skills you need. Whether you are trying to manage a complex network infrastructure, install your new wireless router or access point, complete your annual PCI-DSS Self Assessment Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ), meet regulatory compliance requirements like HIPAA/HITECH or just need help understanding how to use your technology, when you choose ECLAT Tech, you choose your ally wisely.


How ECLAT.TECH works with your business

ECLAT.TECH is here to be the Information Technology division of your company. Large or small, all businesses today depend on Information Technology, and there are a myriad of choices, and pitfalls, ranging from the unscrupulous who send letters in the mail in an effort to convince you to pay for things they’ll never provide, to …