Replacement options for the ZyXEL USG60 and USG60W

The ZyXEL USG60 and 60W made its debut in 2016 as a replacement for the USG50. It is a decent, entry level, enterprise grade, rack mount router, with a pretty solid command line interface. The wireless was always a little lacking, but that was more than made up for by its AP control, which could be bumped up with the purchase of an additional license. Without going into the features of the USG60/W, though, the time has come to plan for its replacement – and the recent Denial of Service Vulnerability may have expedited that for some.
The most immediate option for replacement would be the USGFlex 200, sometimes called the USG60 v2, although the comparison is pretty loose. At the time of writing this, the unit can be found for sale at between $400 and $600 USD.

That’s not yet the end of this story, though, so check back later for more information on replacement options for the ZyXEL USG60/W.