Dan Yedinak

Dan Yedinak, IT Consultant, Autism AdvocateDan Yedinak is founder and owner of ECLAT Tech.

Dan has been in the world of Information Technology since 1992. After a brief hiatus to study Aerospace Engineering, he started his professional IT career in 1996 supporting the Windows 95 Operating System. In the years since he has worked on countless kinds of systems, in places ranging from large corporate environments (more than 20,000 networked devices), to a couple of folks at home who just need internet and email.

These days Dan finds himself focusing primarily in three areas. Small Business Consulting with an emphasis on Information Security (InfoSec) is his area of professional expertise. Whether it is managing a technology project like site wide wireless, servers, or websites and internet marketing, or installing and managing the systems and meeting the information security and regulatory compliance requirements of a small business, you can count on Dan to both get the job done, and work with you to document the work so that YOU have control over your Technology, whenever you need it.

Autism Advocacy is Dan Yedinak’s Community focus. Since 2008 Dan has served as the volunteer Chair for the Oregon Walk Now for Autism Speaks; volunteered at, managed the Website and helped market and raise funds for Autism Research and Resources of Oregon, served on the board for a startup Autism non-profit, and helped raise more than $273,000 for Autism Research, a Community Center, and and other Autism programs in Oregon.

Community involvement doesn’t end there, though. Dan has been active for years in education reform, especially in the areas of gender and socioeconomic equity, as well as accountability and oversight.  By calling attention to issues as part of a relentless team, doors that would have otherwise been closed to girls in sports, and children in Title I schools have been opened and/or retained.

When he’s not working on Technology projects, speaking (or otherwise Advocating) for Autism, Dan spends time with his son, playing video games and helping him learn science, technology, engineering, hydroponics, permaculture, environmental stewardship  – and a little español, a la vez.

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