Keyboard and Command Line Shortcuts for Windows

Here you can find a list of commands that can be run in Windows via the run line. If you cannot see the run line already, use the windows key keyboard plus the letter r to bring up the run line.

Over time I will be updating this list, so check back often for more handy tips :

CommandWindows 8Windows 7 and VistaWindows XPUsed For
dcomcnfg.exenot yet testedYesYesBrings up the Microsoft Management Console Window for Component Services
msinfo32YesYesYesOpens the System Information Window with details about the computer including Operating System Version, computer name, BIOS info, hardware and installed applications.
msconfigYesYesYesUsed when troubleshooting to enable and disable services and programs that run when the computer first boots.
controlYesYesYesOpens the Control Panel
services.mscYesYesYesOpens the Microsoft Management Console Services Snap-In for enabling, disabling and restarting services.
conf.exeYesYesOpens Microsoft Netmeeting
WindowsKey+LYesLocks the computer. Keeps user logged in, but returns to the login screen.