How to Print a Selected Range of Envelopes from Microsoft Word 2010

If you’ve ever had a multiple page document, you know that sometimes you just want to print just a selected range of pages, say, page 5-10. But what if you have a document full of envelopes that you need to print and send, but you can’t tie up the printer for the whole duration, or otherwise only need to print one envelope, or just a selected group of envelopes? Seems simple, right? Microsoft even has a how to document on the whole thing. But what if their steps don’t work?

The Symptoms

There are two basic symptoms that crop up over and over when printing envelopes, often produced by using a mail merge.

  1. Nothing comes out of the printer. The document seems to have been generated, and there’s nothing in the print queue, and there are no error messages, it’s just as though nothing actually happened.
  2. The printer spits out one or more blank pages .

The Solution

Picture of Microsoft Word with Answer to How To Print Selected Envelopes From WordIF one of the two symptoms above is your problem, then this is very likely the solution you are looking for

  1. Begin to print your document like you normally would (i.e. Ctrl-P or File-Print)
  2. In the Space labeled “Pages:” type s and the page number you want to begin with, followed by a dash (-) another s and the last page number you want to print.
    1. s2
    2. s2-s3
  3. Click Print

Everything should now work as you had anticipated, with only the desired envelopes spitting out of your printer.