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How ECLAT.TECH works with your business

ECLAT.TECH logoECLAT.TECH is here to be the Information Technology division of your company.

Large or small, all businesses today depend on Information Technology, and there are a myriad of choices, and pitfalls, ranging from the unscrupulous who send letters in the mail in an effort to convince you to pay for things they’ll never provide, to very real security threats. At the same time, a successful business must be mindful of cost, and strive for investments that provide a high return on investment. To ensure the best possible outcome, a solid partnership must be forged, and one in which the roles and responsibilities of both groups is clear.

ECLAT.TECH as your Information Technology Division

ECLAT.TECH is here to ensure that your business can meet the best of both worlds – high availability and high ROI. But we can only do that if we truly act as your Information Technology (IT) division. That means we are involved in every step of your IT cycle, including, but not limited to :

  • Active involvement in all technology purchases
    • Often this means purchasing products and software/licensing through us
  • Forecasting
  • Advance Notice of New Hires
    • Rapid notice of employee departures
  • 24 hour access to facilities
  • High speed internet access at your location
  • Remote connectivity to systems and network equipment at your facilities
  • Streamlined communication, typically through a single point of contact
  • A commitment on the part your business to Information Technology
    • This may mean an increase in IT spending beyond what you would normally spend

What does ECLAT.TECH provide?

Yes – to ensure the best possible outcome, we do have expectations of our customers, and in return ECLAT.TECH provides so much that we can’t list it all here, but a few of the top items are :

  • A single, trusted point of contact for your IT needs (and for vendors to work through)
  • A company with a proven track record for providing long term IT success
  • A company with background in regulatory issues
  • A company focused on the success and security of your business
  • Thorough documentation including
    • IT inventory
    • IT needs
    • IT spending
    • IT work performed
    • IT disaster recovery
    • IT security
    • Web Security
    • Web Presence (including SEO)
    • Web Domain Security
    • Website Performance
  • Both on-site and phone/off-site based consultation and services
  • Backups
  • Simple explanations of technology that you and your staff can relate to
  • Training sessions to empower your staff to help get the most out of their technology

Who do we work with?

At ECLAT.TECH our typical full service customer is a business with 5-50 employees with a typical annual IT spending budget of $15000 – $50,000 and as few as 1 and as many as 5 locations in Oregon.

We do have a few clients with home offices and just a few devices, and an occasional customer with established offices whom we see only a couple of times of year. But we limit these customers to ensure that the needs of our larger customers is met quickly.

In addition, we provide Web Presence consulting and services, including enhancing existing websites, development of new sites, recovery of sites following security breaches, backups, and more. Web presence customers vary from single customers up to the range of our full service customers.

Excellent! I’m interested. How do I get started?

We’re glad you’re interested in working with ECLAT.TECH . To connect with us and schedule a meeting to see if we’re a good fit, please call 503-629-9214 and, if we’re not available, leave a message. You can also email and we’ll get back to you just as soon as humanly possible.