Dan Yedinak

Dan Yedinak is founder and owner of ECLAT Tech. These days Dan finds himself focusing primarily in three areas. Small Business Consulting is his area of professional expertise. Whether it is managing a technology project, like site to site VPNs, router and firewall configuration and management, site wide wireless, servers, or websites and internet marketing, or installing and managing the systems of a small business, you can count on Dan to both get the job done, and work with you to document the work so that YOU have control over your Technology, whenever you need it. Dan also devotes a whole lot of time to Autism and to Gender and Socioeconomic Equity.

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Don’t hit the Panic button in your Linked-In account just yet

Linked In Offices Photo

Numerous reports are floating around the internet that LinkedIn, a social networking site for professionals, has been hit by hackers and some 6.46 passwords potentially exposed. But don’t go running out and closing down your LinkedIn account just yet. You probably aren’t affected. And, even if you are, you’ll know it the next time you …

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Certainty and Uncertainty of Autism in Oregon and SB1568

Today, February 10th, 2012, Senate Bill 1568 will be discussed at the Senate Health Care Committee hearing. It may proceed to a workshop, it may be voted out of committee and on to its next legislative step, or it may be rejected outright; the outcome is uncertain. Some things, however, are certain. It is certain, …

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Welcome to ECLAT Technologically

What does it mean to be ECLÁT Technologically? It means to be successful, and to achieve that success through strategic, measured use of appropriate technology. With ECLÁT Technologically as a guide, someone who has been through the trials and errors, you can succeed faster. Most Technology goals are projects, and ECLÁT Technologically is here to …

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