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Facebook Account Takeover Hack, but Meta Does the Most Damage

On February 24th, 2022, the same day that Russia invaded the Ukraine, my Facebook account was the target of a successful Account Takeover attack. In the 30 minutes it took for me to respond to the attack and get the account locked, the hacker/s exploited Facebook’s own tools to successfully lock me out of my …

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DoubleAgent Vulnerability poses a risk to Security Software – Steps You Can Take

DoubleAgent is a vulnerability in the Microsoft code checking software that allows an attacker to replace that code checker with an alternative version. Once the alternate version is in place and the software using it checks for changes to its code based on the results, it reacts accordingly. This, in turn, allows an attacker to replace …

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Security versus access – the balance between usability and security.

ECLAT Tech SBalancing Security and Usability

In the world of technology, there are basically two driving forces – usefulness, and safety.

We’re falling behind on system security updates and Google and Apple are to blame

We have updated your car, patching security problems, improving performance, and adding exciting new features we think you will like. Sedan Coupe blend

Security updates on personal devices are critical. But many people don’t do them. Now, limiting the blame to just two companies is understating the issue, and if all this sounds a little harsh, stick with me, and I’ll explain, beginning with an analogous scenario. We have updated your car You are driving to work, and …

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Do NOT punish employees for being victims

Phishing Phishing is when someone tries to convince you to click on a link and enter information on a website that is pretending to be something else, for the purposes of obtaining confidential information about you for an unknown, and probably illegitimate, purpose. Punish the Victims? An article, published on TechTarget​, proposes to punish the people …

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What do you mean my email is not secure?

Diagram showing the normal unsecure process of delivering email through a series of servers to its final destination

Email security is a challenging topic to understand. While progress has been made to improve that security, there are many, many variables that make it impossible for you to know if the email you are sending is being delivered securely to its final destination. Yes, I did say impossible. Even a seasoned server administrator could not …

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Medicine, HIPAA, and the myth of the secure, private fax

ECLAT Technology Image of Fax Modems

So, for all their supposed security and privacy, faxes are subject to all the same routing issues as any other phone call, are altogether too easily sent to the wrong number, have no security, are picked up by the wrong person, and often end up their lives as emails anyway.

26000 email address and password combinations found published on French Website

ECLAT Technologically IT Security Alert

Online security is the name of the game, but just how secure are you when you browse the web? There are a multitude of ways to protect yourself, but TOO many people do little if anything to secure their information on the internet. The consequences can be profound. Consider, for a moment, the implications for …

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Don’t hit the Panic button in your Linked-In account just yet

Linked In Offices Photo

Numerous reports are floating around the internet that LinkedIn, a social networking site for professionals, has been hit by hackers and some 6.46 passwords potentially exposed. But don’t go running out and closing down your LinkedIn account just yet. You probably aren’t affected. And, even if you are, you’ll know it the next time you …

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