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Small Business Enhancement

Choose to Enhance your IT with ECLAT TechnologicallyDo you have a business with between 1 and 25 employees?

Are you ready to start challenging the notions you have about your existing Technology?

Are you ready to explore ways that your Technology can work better for you?

If you are, then ECLAT Technologically is ready to ally with you.

Contact us today. All consultations are charged on a flat, daily fee – so you know how much it is going to cost, and you’ll never be surprised by a large bill. YOU decide, stage by stage, how much to explore, how long each project will run for, and how much return you are getting on your investment. Within 2 business days of each day’s consult, you will receive a complete summary of all all areas that have been investigated, and the results of the investigation, including recommendations for improvement.

This is not break-fix IT. It’s enhancement, IT.

And it’s where your small business should be.

Call now : 503-629-9214