Adding Reminders in Microsoft Outlook 2010

To add a “tickler” or reminder to follow up on an email in Microsoft Outlook 2010 you can :

  1. Flag an email in Outlook by :
    1. Finding where it says “Follow up” and clicking Add Reminder.
    2. In Outlook Flag an Email and Add Reminder

    3. Then set a date.


    Sometimes (as in, when using an IMAP connection) the “Add Reminder” option isn’t available, like this :

    In Outlook 2010 an IMAP account email has no Add Reminder Option

    When “Add Reminder” is not an option you can :

  2. Use your calendar, instead by
    1. creating a “meeting.”

      In Outlook 2010 Use an appointment as a reminder to follow up to an email


      By default, this will send them an appointment to add to their calendar. If you don’t want to include the sender in the “meeting,” you can :

      1. click “Cancel Invitation.”
      2. In Outlook 2010 Cancel an Invitation for a meeting to appear only on your calendar


      3. Now the appointment shows only on your calendar.


    3. Now, set the date and time that you want to do this by clicking the downward pointing triangle to the right of “Start time:” and the date:
    4. In Outlook 2010 set the Start Date for your meeting

    5. Next, click on whatever date you want. Next, click the time you want to start, and end, this “meeting.”
    6. In Outlook 2010 Set the Start Time for your Appointment or Meeting

    7. Almost done. This is the real “tickler.” You can set a “Reminder” that will pop up on your screen to tell you that you need to “do” or “follow up” on this “meeting.”
    8. In Outlook 2010 Set a reminder to alert you at or before the scheduled start of a meeting.

    9. Finally, click “Save and Close” and that’s it – you’re done! You’ve successfully added a reminder to follow up on an email!J

      In Outlook 2010 Save and Close your completed meeting for it to appear on the calendar.