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Logitech C922 Pro vs Logitech C930e

C930e : C922 Pro :

Brother ADS-4700W Network Capable Scanner

Basic Steps for Using your own Router with Comcast Internet Service

I must preface this by saying that networking is hard, so no-one should feel badly about their abilities if you find this process challenging. While adding a router into a network, even a home network, might seem like an easy thing, there are many details that often get overlooked. It is these gaps that result …

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Create a Google Account using your own Business or Personal Email Address

Google Account Creation Privacy and Terms

Google has a wide variety of applications available for people to use. Most are free, and most have additional paid options. To use these applications, each user needs a login ID and a password. That is simple enough, but it’s too easy to rush through the process, accept the defaults, and miss critical details – …

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I love my car – and all of its 200 thousand original miles


There shouldn’t be anything emotional about it. It’s a horseless carriage, an automobile, a vehicle, and, finally, a car. It is a bunch of aluminum, steel, plastic and rubber all arranged into a complicated piece of technology whose sole purpose is transport me, and up to 4 other people, safely from place to place. Why, …

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Humanoid Robot Helps Train Children with Autism | News | Scientific Computing

You may find it surprising that something as complicated as a robot could be an asset for helping children to develop Social Interaction Skills. And yet, as reported in this Scientific Computing article “Humanoid Robot Helps Train Children with Autism | News | Scientific Computing,” that is exactly what is being developed by a team …

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26000 email address and password combinations found published on French Website

ECLAT Technologically IT Security Alert

Online security is the name of the game, but just how secure are you when you browse the web? There are a multitude of ways to protect yourself, but TOO many people do little if anything to secure their information on the internet. The consequences can be profound. Consider, for a moment, the implications for …

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Adding Reminders in Microsoft Outlook 2010

To add a “tickler” or reminder to follow up on an email in Microsoft Outlook 2010 you can : Flag an email in Outlook by : Finding where it says “Follow up” and clicking Add Reminder. Then set a date.   Sometimes (as in, when using an IMAP connection) the “Add Reminder” option isn’t available, …

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InboxEx for Microsoft Outlook

Testing InboxEx Step 5 Installation Complete

Here are the basics from the InboxEX website : Supports Outlook 2007 and 2010. Absolutely free, no limitations, no spams. No signup, share via your Gmail account. Tightly integrated, powerful and easy to use. According to the InboxEX website, the product also provides email search, email archive, calendar availability sharing via Google, and meeting scheduling. …

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Google Calendar Sync for Microsoft Outlook

Google Calendar Sync Uninstall Completed

One of the advantages of Cloud Computing (that’s what they call it when your stuff is stored on the internet, instead of, or in addition to, just your computer), is being able to have access to your data from another computer. It can also be very useful for a business that wants to use a …

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