It’s 2016 – so what’s happening with Windows 7?

With all the hoopla surrounding the release of Windows 10, questions are beginning to arise about Windows 7, which has replaced Windows XP as the standard desktop environment for most businesses that were forced to replace WindowsXP, but still ran desktops or laptops and were uncomfortable with Windows 8/8.1. The biggest Windows 7 question has been – is it still supported? The simple answer is – yes – and it will be until 1/14/2020.

Why the confusion about Windows 7 support?

You can always be forgiven for being confused about Microsoft’s support and licensing. Pretty much everyone would like to see the folks in Redmond simplify all this a whole lot, and the¬†Microsoft Support Lifecycle page, while useful, still demonstrates the overall complexity. To state it simply, though, all you have to remember is that Microsoft will continue producing updates that will be distributed through the normal Windows Update process until 14 January, 2020. For most people, that’s enough. For everyone else, there are IT consultants you can call for help.

Microsoft Windows Support until 2020