Quickbooks Printing error and the Windows Print Spooler

When opening QuickBooks you might receive an error about a missing component that affects PDFs. After acknowledging the error, you find you can’t set up printers or print anything at all, in fact. The error reads as follows :
QuickBooks detected that a component required to create PDF files is missing. This may cause issues with printing transactions, emailing forms or saving anything as a PDF file inside of QuickBooks desktop.
There are a multitude of sites that talk about deleting or renaming (a better option) the QBPrint.qbp file in C:\ProgramData\Intuit\QuickBooks #### replace the #### symbols with the year version of your QuickBooks. This has approach consequences, however, like the fact that you may have to set up all your printers again and even re-edit some forms. Worse yet – it may or may not even solve the problem.
There is, however, another possible solution that is much less invasive – the Windows Print Spooler.
To find it, click your start button and type “services” or use your Windows Key+R to bring up the run window and type services.msc into the open line and click ok (or hit enter). This will bring up the list of services. If the Name column isn’t sorted alphabetically, click on it to sort it then find print spooler. If it’s not already running, right click and choose start. If it’s disabled, then right click and choose properties, set the startup type to either Manual or automatic, then click start and Okay. The service will start. Now return to QuickBooks, exit and re-open. If all is well, QuickBooks will open without any errors and you will once again be able to print.
If the Spooler is already running, try right clicking on it and choosing restart, then quit QuickBooks and re-open it and see if the error goes away.