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Network Attached Storage for Backups Reviews and Recommendations

An existing customer asked me to recommend a Network Attached Server (NAS) for use in backing up their primary computer and, rather than keep the recommendations to just them, I thought I’d share a few thoughts. The limitations of this review are that I haven’t physically handled most of them, and this not be a …

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Autism, Fine Motor Skills, Art, and the Power of Undo

ECLATT Wacom Intuos Connected to Windows 7 Laptop

The power of Technology as an aide for Art If you’ve ever had anything to do with art, you know the frustration of making a mistake. Those talented few whom we call artists, can take a mistake, and make something of us. The rest of us gnash our teeth in frustration. For some with Autism, …

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I love my car – and all of its 200 thousand original miles


There shouldn’t be anything emotional about it. It’s a horseless carriage, an automobile, a vehicle, and, finally, a car. It is a bunch of aluminum, steel, plastic and rubber all arranged into a complicated piece of technology whose sole purpose is transport me, and up to 4 other people, safely from place to place. Why, …

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