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PowerShell Inconsistency Frustrations

This will be updated over time as a location to note the various inconsistencies present in Windows PowerShell Remove-ADComputer the -Confirm switch is not a space $false but rather a :$false   Remove-ADComputer -Identity “computername” -Confirm:$false

Powershell – Add-VpnConnection errors in Windows 10 Version 1909

Control Panel > Network and Internet > Network Connections Showing VPN Owner as System

This document is straight up for sysadmins and PowerShell junkies (and Microsoft, assuming anyone from stumbles across this). Beginning somewhere around Windows 10, Version 1909 (18363.1256), an error appeared making long standing PowerShell scripts suddenly begin to fail. The Commmand Add-VpnConnection -Name ($ikename=Read-Host “VPN Name”) -ServerAddress ($fqdnval=Read-Host “fqdn”) -TunnelType Ikev2 -EncryptionLevel Maximum -AuthenticationMethod EAP -RememberCredential …

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