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Nov 28

We’re falling behind on system security updates and Google and Apple are to blame

We have updated your car, patching security problems, improving performance, and adding exciting new features we think you will like. Sedan Coupe blend

Security updates on personal devices are critical. But many people don’t do them. Now, limiting the blame to just two companies is understating the issue, and if all this sounds a little harsh, stick with me, and I’ll explain, beginning with an analogous scenario. We have updated your car You are driving to work, and …

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Mar 06

Important Announcement – ECLATT discontinuing resale of Google Apps for Business

Google Apps is SO inexpensive, it’s just not cost effective for us to provide the service as a middle man. Far better for each of you to directly lease from Google and cut out the middle man and just call us when you have more technical or training questions.

Jan 24

Yes – Gmail was Down – including Google Apps for Education and Business

If you are a Gmail, or Google Apps for Business or Education user, you likely noticed a problems accessing your email accounts starting at around 11:00 AM Pacific time. It should be back up by the time you find yourself reading this. During the downtime, access to Gmail from mobile devices, via the web, and …

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Jul 19

Look Ma – no Gmail Inbox Tabs!

Gmail has introduced inbox tabs

For the most part, I really do like Gmail. True, the interface takes a lot of getting used to, and whether any of it is truly intuitive is up for debate, but it’s fast, readily available across multiple platforms (mac, pc, phone, tablet etc), has lots of space, and is pretty configurable. So, once you …

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