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Name: Dan Yedinak
Date registered: October 20, 2011
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Dan Yedinak is founder and owner of ECLAT Tech. These days Dan finds himself focusing primarily in three areas. Small Business Consulting is his area of professional expertise. Whether it is managing a technology project, like site to site VPNs, router and firewall configuration and management, site wide wireless, servers, or websites and internet marketing, or installing and managing the systems of a small business, you can count on Dan to both get the job done, and work with you to document the work so that YOU have control over your Technology, whenever you need it. Dan also devotes a whole lot of time to Autism and to Gender and Socioeconomic Equity.

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Feb 28

It’s 2016 – so what’s happening with Windows 7?

Microsoft Windows Support until 2020

To state it simply, though, all you have to remember is that Microsoft will continue producing updates that will be distributed through the normal Windows Update process until 14 January, 2020. For most people, that’s enough. For everyone else, there are IT consultants you can call for help.

Nov 04

Don’t Fall for Domain Name Trickery

iDNS uses words like Domain Name Expiration and Failure to renew to trick you. Guard your Domain Name

It’s easy to fall for the traps of seemingly legitimate notices – there are so many that come in the mail, and the internet. Here’s one you should watch out for : Domain Name Expiration Notice

Jun 16

Do NOT punish employees for being victims

Phishing Phishing is when someone tries to convince you to click on a link and enter information on a website that is pretending to be something else, for the purposes of obtaining confidential information about you for an unknown, and probably illegitimate, purpose. Punish the Victims? An article, published on TechTarget​, proposes to punish the people …

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Jun 01

Farewell to Internet Explorer – Hello Edge

The year is 1995. AOL rules supreme as the internet service provider of choice, and Microsoft has just released a new operating system called Windows 95, a replacement for Windows 3.11. Personal computers were few, and far between, and those few people had were treated like gold. And, for good reason. A top of the …

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Oct 29

What do you mean my email is not secure?

Diagram showing the normal unsecure process of delivering email through a series of servers to its final destination

Email security is a challenging topic to understand. While progress has been made to improve that security, there are many, many variables that make it impossible for you to know if the email you are sending is being delivered securely to its final destination. Yes, I did say impossible. Even a seasoned server administrator could not …

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Aug 28

Medicine, HIPAA, and the myth of the secure, private fax

ECLAT Technology Image of Fax Modems

So, for all their supposed security and privacy, faxes are subject to all the same routing issues as any other phone call, are altogether too easily sent to the wrong number, have no security, are picked up by the wrong person, and often end up their lives as emails anyway.

Aug 18

How to make the Oregon DEQ Lane Cams Work

Oregon DEQ Lane Cam Run Unsigned Application

The Oregon DEQ Lane Cams do work. Here’s how to solve the error “Your security settings have blocked an application from running with an out-of-date or expired version of Java.”

Jul 18

Is my Internet Service Provider’s modem or router slowing me down?

Once you realize that your smartphone, computer, tablet, blu-ray player, and/or television and even your television are all newer than the router that is connecting all these devices to the internet, you probably ask yourself “how can my Internet Service Provider (ISP) be so far behind?”

Jul 10

How to Print a Selected Range of Envelopes from Microsoft Word 2010

Picture of Microsoft Word with Answer to How To Print Selected Envelopes From Word

If you’ve ever had a multiple page document, you know that sometimes you just want to print just a selected range of pages, say, page 5-10. But what if you have a document full of envelopes that you need to print and send, but you can’t tie up the printer for the whole duration, or …

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May 04

An Evening for Autism 2014

An Evening for Autism with performer Tyrone Wells

Join us for an evening of Music, Wine and Hors d’ouevres, Silent Auction and Wine Raffle.

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